Thursday, September 27, 2012

Signing-off from Singapore

Well the time has come for us to pack our bags and head back home. Who would have thought two months would have gone so quickly?! We can't wait to be back in Texas! There is so much we missed and so much more we look forward to (Family, Friends, Fall, Football and Fajitas! :) ). Traveling with Kevin to Singapore has been great, a wonderful experience for our family, but getting home and resettled in Houston will be a wonderful feeling. The memories made here will last a lifetime and we will enjoy getting back and sharing them with our friends and family. Thanks to all for the love, support and prayers during our time here. The blog has been fun, but its time to go home, so with that said, we are signing off from Singapore............ Here's to a good flight home! (If you look closely we're bringing home two little extras......tiny nubs! Harper has his first two bottom teeth!)

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  1. I love you put him in the suitcase for the picture! I love it. Can't wait to see you!